Thursday, May 16, 2013

PreK4 Butterflies.......

Prek4 received  5 butterflies in stage 2 - caterpillar.  They studied them each day, journaling the changes that were taking place.  They tried hard to keep the noise level down in our classroom as they were in stage 3 - cocoon or chrysallis, so they would not get scared.  One caterpillar didn't make it to the top to hang so they put him on a paper towel on the bottom of the habitat and prayed that he would make it.  They knew, though, that it was in God's hands, and that we would be ok no matter the outcome.  They were happy to see that all 5 butterflies were hatched and healthy.



Although they were quite sad to see them go, we released the butterflies so that they could live free and multiply.  This was such a rewarding experience for the children, and of course I am excited each year watching the joy and wonder on the childrens faces.