Saturday, March 16, 2013

Professional Development Day

While  our students enjoyed a day off with no lessons at Our Lady of Peace School, our teachers had their turn at learning new things. 

Each year, our teachers complete a minimum of 20 hours of professional development and 12 hours of spiritual development.  

This professional development day included professional readings and discussions.

Teachers shared strategies and ideas while learning the rationale behind those strategies.  

At every faculty meeting, our teachers share new strategies to continue our move forward for our 21st century learners. 

Our Professional Learning Community is continuing to meet to implement the Common Core Content Standards which are being followed by most of the states in our country.

More uses for technology in the classroom were also explored.  We expanded our use of Google Drive to continue our work on our curriculum map and aligning the curriculum.

Teachers learned more uses for I-Pads in the classroom and new programs like glogs to aid in student learning.

The day ended with our teachers working on our AdvancED Accreditation.  Thank you to all of our parents for completing the surveys. That information will help with our formations of goals for the upcoming years.